Erica's Soul Food
Erica's Soul Food

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I'm Erica, chef and owner of Erica's Soul Food. I started the cart Jan 1, 2020 after being offered the opportunity to serve food in the lot of the corner store by my home. This a family run business! I do all the cooking, and my kids help take orders.

My goal was to create a menu filled with recipes that I grew up eating with my family in my home state of Georgia, so that I could feel close to home, and share the love I felt when cooking and eating in my grandparents kitchen with my community.

I moved to Portland in 2017 with $900, a suitcase, and a ton of ambition. This city instantly became home to me, and the love I have received from my neighborhood has furthered the point that moving here changed my life in every way necessary.

As my cart becomes more successful, I will pour that love right back into my community. That has also always been the goal. For the first time in my life, I am doing what I love, and I hope it lasts forever...xoxo Erica

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